I had the pleasure of photographing Aesop’s new signature store on Hollywood Road in Hong Kong.

The raw finishes – reclaimed oak, oxidized copper and blackened, perforated steel – provide texture and an interesting interplay with the light…as well as difficult reflections that had to be dealt with…

Aesop signature store - Hollywood Road
Aesop signature store – Hollywood Road

Although the design evokes an industrial, partially constructed feel, the warm lighting scheme and soothing music create a calm environment that is a welcome respite from the heat and humidity outside. In addition to the retail front, hidden behind the sales counter is a treatment room where customers can enjoy a private facial treatment; a luxury that is available at only a few shops worldwide.

Aesop’s Hong Kong design team had a real challenge making use of this long, narrow space. I think they’ve succeeded in creating a signature store that truly suits the brand’s essence.

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