Office Design – dtac Headquarters Bangkok

recreation space for Dtac employees
Funfloor for dtac employees

The headquarters of Total Access Communication PCL (dtac) in Bangkok sets a standard for creating an appealing workplace that communicates the company’s brand approach to, “play and learn.” Designed by Hassell and opened in 2009, one of the facility’s highlights is its Funfloor with indoor soccer, table tennis, running track, and concert and performance spaces.

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Flat light

Powder Blue

I love light. Even flat light on a hazy day is beautiful.

The IFC2 curtain wall reflects the flat light of another hazy day in Hong Kong, resulting in an interesting, monochrommatic effect that seems to flatten the subtle articulation of the building facade.

As the gondola slowly moved into position, the cloud cover was shifting and it looked like I wasn’t going to get the shot that I wanted. I actually put my camera away, but just before the gondola drew level with the division in the exhaust manifolds, the clouds moved in again, to give a relatively flat light on the east face, while the sun hit the south face making a nice highlight.

This was even better than I imagined and I would have missed it if I hadn’t looked back just one more time.